Recreate Your Story

Using Archetypes, Shanamic modalities, The Hero’s Journey, Looking at the Shadow, Creating a new mindset, Manifesting what you Truly Want – Get Ready! Spring 2022 – ReCreate Your Story!

Are you tired of being invisible?
Are you ready to be seen and heard?
Are you ready to fully Step into who you are Now?

Spring is the perfect time to do this. It’s when everything is growing and budding and getting ready to come into full blossom. Join me, April 2022.

What do you want to Manifest?

ReCreate Your Story to Step Powerfully into Your Life ~ Now is the time!

Coming Spring 2022

Location: Zoom
Cost: TBD

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Shadow to Superhero

Explore how the shadow self was developed, obstacles that keep you in the dark & how to bring more light. Get in touch with your Superpower by discovering which Shadow Archetype is yours. Specific emphasis on The Hero, Magician, Ruler, and Lover.

Package includes 8 LIVE sessions, 4 recordings to support your journey, and 1 personalized session with Supriya for individual support on this 8-week journey.

Coming back by popular demand, in 2022!

Cost: $697

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